The Group’s Business Circle mobile app is one of Asia’s leading digital business news portal in Chinese language. It has over 100,000 downloads from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The app is developed and proprietary/trademark under CCSB, CCSB has assigned the intellectual property rights with respect to the Business Circle mobile app to the Company subject to the Company being admitted to the Official List of NSX.


Launched in 2015, the app has a strong following among CEOs, top and middle level managers and independent business owners in the corporate sector of Asia. The app is also well followed by upcoming business professionals and aspiring young entrepreneurs. Through the Business Circle mobile app, CCSB has successfully created a proprietary, captive community of elite and high-calibre readers across Asia. The Board believes that this platform aids as an ideal gateway for brands to engage industry movers in China, The ASEAN region, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and many more.


It is anticipated that as the community grows, the quality of the captive market base will be supplemented by quantity, thus increasing its value as a targeted branding medium. The Business Circle mobile app also enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the Worldwide Excellence Award platform via cross fertilisation opportunities.




The Group’s Worldwide Excellence Award (WEA) is widely regarded as one of Asia’s best upcoming award platforms. Unlike other corporate awards that are business centric, WEA recognises outstanding performances for individuals and organisations covering a wide range of fields. These include art and culture, social causes, exemplary leadership, efforts towards nation-building and more. Circle Group believes that WEA is in a advantageous position over other award platforms due to its:


potential to engage with much larger and diverse market beyond typical business audiences – the capacity to attract award recipients from across the globe.
ability to engage with a large number of influencers and stakeholders (e.g. governments, socio-preneurs and techno-preneurs, sportsmen, musicians, artists, NGOs and special interest groups).


The road to success comes with characters such as earnest, persistent, flexible and strong tolerance. Worldwide Excellence Award aims to create a platform to bring all the elite from different industry to a new height, namely the international arena. This award will showcase the magnificent side of these excellence individuals through presentation ceremony and therefore, providing them a stand at the international platform. It is thus wishful to commemorate the elite group from all over the world into this international arena and to support each other. Worldwide Excellence Award is also the platform to unite the resources of those elite group, such as capital, knowledge, professionalism, experience, time and provide support to potential candidates from worldwide; to arm them with more strength and hence flourish within the international community.


It is anticipated that Worldwide Excellence Award will grow as the platform expanding to China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia and it will serve as a catalyst to cross fertilise Business Circle mobile app to increase downloads and vice versa.




Circle Group is a proven Digital Marketing specialist, assisting recognition and promotion of various corporate and product brands. Operating across the integrated digital marketing and branding communications spectrum, the Group provides a comprehensive suite of Digital Marketing and e-Branding solutions to enable companies or brands to gain market awareness and appeal to rise above a competitive marketplace.


Circle Group provides services that help companies make the jump to the digital world to leverage on the latest technology and social media trends to reach fragmented consumer audiences across the world. These includes digital advertising as well as digital content creation solutions including Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence technology . The Group provides a one-stop solution across the entire e-content creation process that encompasses marketing strategy, storyline development and scripting, video production, post-production and finally media planning and placement internationally. In line with the current marketing trend, Circle Group also provides a comprehensive digital marketing services that include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Viral Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing.



Circle Group is able to provide a valuable mix of digital media campaign strategies to enable brands to attain attention and to manage their overall media planning and buying approach. The Group’s integrated solutions bridge the communication gap between brands and target audience, connecting them via digital and social networks as well as broadcast and print.



With the rise of smartphones and changing consumer behaviours, Circle Group enables brands to leverage onto the fast-growing mobile landscape by developing top-of-the-range mobile apps for clients. With the vast market experience from our award-winning team, we design and build better user experience mobile apps that engage today’s consumer be it for building stronger branding or generating sales traffic. We also integrate latest trend of technology such as Bot Technology to make the solutions more appealing and engaging. Apart from developing mobile apps, Circle Group also empowers customers with a comprehensive e-Commerce platform ‘Store System’ to convert traffic into leads and sales.



Video has now become a powerful tool for communications be it to tell the story of a corporation or to sell a product. A good video will bring your business to life and better engage with your target audience to foster better brand relationship. Circle Group will meet your requirements with our creative and passionate video production team crafting a masterpiece video for you. Imagination has no boundaries when it comes to 2D & 3D animation production. Our experienced animators will help to develop unique visual approaches to showcase your brand with consistent branding and a clear corporate identity to meet any commercial objectives you may have. From planning to execution, our team of experienced production personnel will make sure all shooting productions are smooth sailing. We provide all-round shooting production services so you can sit back, relax in front of the monitor and enjoy the shooting process.



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